Wednesday, October 5, 2011

'Tech' here, 'tech' there, 'tech' everywhere

It is pretty much clear to all of us educators that everyday we walk into our classrooms we stand before a group of digital learners.  These kids, who do not know a world without internet and communication as we know it, are not going to learn what we tell them the way it was attempted to be taught to us back in the last century.  Well, learning is not the product of our teaching, it is the product of the learner`s activities anyways.  So, what activities are we providing our students to engage them and learn what we intend for them to learn through these activities?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Switch Facebook into Study Mode!

Turns out to be (we like it or not) that 90% of social media activity happens on Facebook.  So, the idea of us teachers infiltrating into our students´ virtual world of social streaming must have Facebook in it; again, either we like it or not.

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