Tuesday, January 24, 2012

So, is it five, six, or seven continents?

It was approximately two months ago...  I live in a Latin American country which includes a bilingual system within its educational.  These are private schools which teach major subjects in English (mostly American English).  The only classes served in Spanish are the ones pertaining own´s country, e.g. "Español, Estudios Sociales".

Monday, January 23, 2012

10 Razones por Las que Pienso que Los Estudiantes Deberían "Bloggear"

Wordle: BlogNota del traductor:  Esta es un traducción del original "10 reasons I believe students Should Blog".  Entiendo que el término "bloggear" es un extranjerismo y una falla de dicción.  Lo más apropiado sería "bitacorear".  Sin embargo, he utilizado "bloggear" entre comillas ya que es el término que nos es más familiar a los hispano-parlantes. Pido disculpas de antemano si hubiese ofensa al respecto.

Recientemente, hasta este año escolar comencé a animar a mis estudiantes para que abrieran su bitácora (blog). La edad promedio de mis estudiantes es de 15 a 17 años;  los considero suficientemente maduros como para crear una huella digital positiva a través de sus blogs.  Cuando les introduje la idea por primera vez, les di algunas razones por las cuales yo pensaba deberían "bloggear".  Una de las cosas que les hice ver fue que pensaran en escribir artículos como un estado de Facebook excepto que con más de 420 caracteres. Al llevarse a cabo todo el proceso, comencé a descubrir nuevas ventajas y ahora me gustaría compartirlas con ustedes mis 10 razones por las cuales creo que sus estudiantes deberían estar "bloggeando".:

Sunday, January 15, 2012

10 reasons why I believe students should blog

Wordle: BloggingJust recently, this school year I started to encourage my students into blogging. My students' average age ranges 15-17; I do consider them mature enough to create a positive digital footprint through blogging. When I first introduced the idea to them I gave some reasons why I thought they should blog. One of the things I did tell them was to think about blogging as a Facebook post except that with more than 420 characters. As the whole process started to take place, new advantages started to unravel and now I would love to share with you my ten reasons why I believe your students should be blogging:

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Reasons why I hate School!

We all know about the tremendous value found on Twitter.  We are all aware of the growth this social network has been having lately and we educators have found so innovative ways to harness the power of this social network.  Twitter chats provide a discussion forum like no other and these take place at pretty much everyday. I am a testimony of how much learning takes place through them.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tech Race

So, this is it, 2012 is upon us now. Last year was one of pretty much changes, socially, politically, and in my particular case, professionally.

This is because only last year on July I started what I like to call my "tech race". Yep, it was until mid last year that I began discovering all these amazing tools to integrate into my classroom. To this point, God has been good.  Now probably the term "race" suggests a competition and you might be wondering who am I competing against.  I like to use the term "race" in the sense of going really fast but with a focus and a purpose.

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