Thursday, October 4, 2012

Uses for Posterous

If you have not heard about Posterous, I do invite you to click on the link and go check it out.  I promise you you´ll love it and will make your eyes glow and your head spin with ideas on how you can use it.  In fact, I believe there are blog posts filled with ways to use it.  Go check them out!

In short words, Posterous is a service that allows you to create several online spaces (sites).  It allows collaborative contributions by anyone you decide.  It is been used by several educators already due to it´s nice interface, customization, and ease of use.

Technology is not a Golden Coin

i hate digital [analog remix]
(Photo credit: the|G|™Ok
We have this quote in my country: "We are no golden coins to be loved by everyone."  I´ve found this is, of course, true for technology, in education.  

One of the things that I´ve always pointed out about the whole technology thing is not to expect everyone to be so delighted about it as we are.  

So, I was in this Parent School night and I was excited about sharing with parents how students were being engaged using Diigo and the tremendous learning taking place there.  I also mentioned that we were going to continue using our digital platform, Edmodo, to post homework, share important information, dates, etc.  I mentioned that students would be discussing in virtual forums through Collaborize Classrooom.  I presented them with Posterous, through which I was expecting to share  some thoughts with students and have students do the same.  Of course, I mentioned how we were going to be using social media to engage and learn.  I showed them our most recent Wallwisher about scientists who contributed to the development of Biology.  I informed that some evaluations would be made through Socrative or Google Forms.  I spoke to them about our brand new BYOT policy.  And, and, and...ok, you get the idea.
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