Monday, March 24, 2008

How do you study?...still....

Ok, I REALLY appreciate everyone who took its time to write comments on this entry. You know, this information proved itself useful on a "Escuela para Padres". You may still want to write down about your studying experiencies, share and discuss.


  1. I´m from 10 grade. I actually do not like studying for any class. For Chemistry I almost study like ten minutes before the quiz. For Physics, I do study a lot but i still flunk, I don´t know why.?

  2. Actually i found out that If i study or not .. istill get Bad grades ... and i'm telling you for experience , because once on this SENIOR YEAR.. i studied the 2 past Periods but like crazy .. and still i didn't Understand not even a part of it .. but sometimes i'd ... but Mr. Is difficult .. so now i'm a USING METHOD CALLED .. "10 mins'after a quiz.... is a sluggish way but .. it works at least i get more points than studying the whole week or last night .

  3. i dont understand that method ''10 minutes after a quiz'' from the person above, como se va a estudiar despues de un examen!! si seras sin vida vos...well, the day before the quiz i ask astrid for her notebook so that i can take photocopy about the things coming on the quiz...i wake up at 4am to study (if im really concerned about the quiz), but if not i study at school...i get decent grades, im not dying to get in the honor roll...senior

  4. i study a week before the quiz with my sister.then i study all the days and she teach me well but i think that when we are going to the quiz we get block, and you put us nervous. an observacion when you explain you talk very fast.

  5. I study almost every day Physics and also Chemistry but not as much as I study Physics. Sometimes I don't understand a problem but I ask you or I study even harder like to read the lesson many many times. I'm a 10 grade.

  6. studying...something i cant get myself to do....i rather try to understand instead of killing myself studying all night, i try to study very early in the morning 'cause its when our mind absorbs more info, but when it comes to math i concentrate on practicing excercises, 'cause we dont need the theory that much...a review before the quiz, to refresh, is always good.
    (even though i must admit i do get blocked with tests...A LOT!)
    *9th grader*

  7. Actually when it comes to physics or chemistry sometimes I study one day before the quiz but when I dont finish studying that day,I wake up in the morning at 2:00 or 3:00 am to finish what I have to finish...but when I dont study one day before the quiz I just wake up at 2:00 am or one hour after to start studying...and when I get to school I review at least 20 minutes or less...I still dont get the grades I want but not all the time I flunk your quizzes unless I make an effort on flunking...SENIOR

  8. ::::::: como que ''10 minutes after a quiz'' bruto q sos y vos ::::: why Astrid's notebook man? don't you take notes? I think that too many distractions get in our way at home like t.v and internet, but as for me I choose writing notes, taking every formula out and its use; the important and relevant facts! ... not all the time works because we need to analyze but in a certain moment we get frustrated or nervous ... during the quiz...

    Senior Student!

  9. Ohh Well, I Study a day before the quiz hehe. When I feel like i'm not ready for the quiz even though I have studied, I wake up at 4 am. Sometimes it makes it harder to study because you just make us read the lesson, and if you explain us, you explain in a short way ....

    1oth grade

  10. uhm well.. i study while im in class,for me its enough what i learn during those 35 min, the thing is that, i try to understand the topic so that i dont have to be studying like a dumb one day before the quiz..but, to be sure that i understand the content i take a quick look to my notes like 10 or 5 min before the quiz,and i dont get low grades but sometimes im not the highest.. also i do the worksheets by myself and i try to understand what am i doing while im doing it so, that helps not to get lost while im doing the quiz..

  11. most of the time i study in the class before the class in which we are having the i study 10 min. before the quiz.....and i still get good grades...but i found it really easy at the time of the quiz because i pay attention in the explanation..jaja..and thats just it...9th grader

  12. well most of the time I pray before I study, because I like to deliver myself to the Lord for be more sure of me snd that Im with him and that with him I can get a good grade. Then I start reading the book, rememering all we learn on the class, during thirty minutes then i relax or i sleep. And thats all i do when i study...

    10th grader

  13. I am a tenth grader i dont really study that much for any class. Only for phisics. I dont need that much time but I do it like a day before.

  14. well...when we have a quiz i take hours trying to understand the problems or formulas or trying to know when or why i used really difficult...i get frustrated...cause sometimes i try my best...but i still get bad grades sometimes when i study more i get worst a senior....and i really need help..

  15. heeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllppppppppp!!!!

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