Saturday, January 7, 2012

Reasons why I hate School!

We all know about the tremendous value found on Twitter.  We are all aware of the growth this social network has been having lately and we educators have found so innovative ways to harness the power of this social network.  Twitter chats provide a discussion forum like no other and these take place at pretty much everyday. I am a testimony of how much learning takes place through them.

Innovative teachers from all over the world are using Twitter as their PLN and have proven it highly effective.  Some use it as a communication means with students and parents.  Others are using it in class with students to answer questions, give out their opinions, etc.

It is also beautiful to know that you are able to acces this huge amount of PD through your phone, right there at the palm of your hand.   Now, I must confess that PLN and education is not the only thing that entices me into checking Twitter on a regular basis.  On a normal day, I open the app on my phone,  check for new tweets, think of something I might want to post and then I go to the trending topics.  You must give me that sometimes some of them are kind of fun to read.

Today, early in the morning, I woke up and performed this exact same ritual.  But this time I was stopped by this particular trending topic: #ReasonsWhyIHateSchool.   What a great opportunity this was for educators, administrators, board members, parents, and everybody else involved in education to make some reflections about their practice!  These were tweets from real students, the kind that we should focus our attention on.  As I was reading these tweets, one of the things that came into my mind was: "These kids are not students to any of the tremendous educators from all over the world I have had the privilege of meeting and learning so much from!"

I did retweet some of these tweets as I thought my PLN would find them interesting and even-why not-funny.  Now, some were just hilarious, others were sad to read, while others pierce right throught your inner self as an educator.  Long time ago I found this hashtag: #Ihateschool and it inspired a blog post.  This time, I collected some of this tweets for you, my readers, to take a look at them.  As you go through them reflect, choose which ones apply to you or your practice (and, of course, do something about it), thank God about those you know no longer apply to you, laugh....or even cry.

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