Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I'm a terrible parent!

Over four years ago, the Lord blessed me with this tiny human being that I would happen to call "son"...yeah well, and his given name also... The thing is that was the day in which I discovered I was going to be a terrible parent. For real.

You see, I recorded in my memory one time, when I was single, this new parent's comment. I was telling him about how ugly newborns look, like wet mice, you know. He would reply: "I used to think that, until my daughter was born.". I was like "wow, so my view is going to change when I get to have my own first kid!". The day in which I would see my first son finally arrived! I was truly excited, waiting for that trailer of love and empathy to crash me over. Then I saw him...; ever heard how to a mother her newborn is the prettiest one in the world? Well, let's just say I'm not a mother! Wet mouse! But yeah, eventually he grew up into the nice lad he is now.

You see, as long as he leaves me work alone, I can let him watch all the cartoons he likes. I give him all the cake he wants. I love it when he gets dirty-the dirtier, the better! (No, I'm not the one doing the laundry.). If it rains, I push him into the rain for him to get wet. I bathe him with tap water ever since he was 4 months old, or so. I like to wrestle him out and have made him cry. I love to spike up his hair when I'm brushing it. I love to spend time with him playing with building blocks....gosh, do I hate those blocks!

So yes, I am a terrible parent. You see, people keep telling me what a great teacher I am and stuff like that; nobody, except my wife, has ever told me what a great parent I am. Now I have two kids to eldest is 4 and my youngest is 1. Scary, huh?

Conclusion: I went to teacher's university, I was told how to do it; is there any parent's university out there? PLEASE, if there is, let me know in the comment section below...:)

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